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Share a Recipe ?
Fire Box Paint
60" Deluxe Longneck w/ Chargrill For Sale
Looking for a Lang 48 Hybrid Patio Deluxe
48" Patio Deluxe For Sale in Spring Hill, TN
Adjusting temp with stack damper
New 60D
finally discovery a method that worked
Mobility of the Lang 48 Patio w/ standard step
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Lang smoker cookers
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Share a Recipe ?
I love cooking and eating meat however sometimes I need something healthier! One of my favorite recipes is homemade cereal. So delish and I can snack on it all day, then I don't feel so guilty about eating a huge meaty meal!

I found a recipe for cinnamon corn puff cereal  and it's bloody delish!!

I now have to make a double batch and hide some from the kids! Its has also helped us save a fair bit of mone ...
Fire Box Paint
I've been using Rust-Oleum High Heat, which is suppose to resist heat up to 1200*. It lasts about 4 cooks and then starts to flake. That's nothing new and just the way it goes with a fire box that's not insulated. I used the 1200* stuff mainly just to get rid of the extra cans I had before I tried something else. I was at Tractor Supply yesterday and saw Rust-Oleum High Heat  up to 2000* . It's not the "other stuff" I intended to use but for $10.00 I thought I'd give it a try. I s ...
Me and my family adore this pulled smoked chicken, one of the greatest pleasures when you put it on a bun with BBQ sauce. My husband and kids nag me all the time to make it!

I find you need to be careful when smoking chicken, it just dry out quite easily, so I keep it covered in foil and lathered it in a generous amount of butter seasoned with my texas style rub (about 1/2 cup for a whole chicken, see the recipe at the end), so that it could withstand the 4 hour roast, then uncovered in the l ...
60" Deluxe Longneck w/ Chargrill For Sale
Downsizing to a 48" patio model. For sale near Sacramento, CA. 3 years old and always stored in the garage. Many upgrades. Like new. PM for details.
Looking for a Lang 48 Hybrid Patio Deluxe
I am looking for the 48 Hybrid Deluxe Patio if anyone has one for sale.  Figured I would check here before I pull the trigger and head to Georgia to buy a new one.  Very Happy I have the 36 Patio and want to upgrade.
48" Patio Deluxe For Sale in Spring Hill, TN
Hey there,

After 2 years of cooking on my 48" Patio Deluxe, I'm upgrading to an 84" Deluxe. Hope to pick it up in the next few weeks. If there's anyone in the Nashville, TN area who wants to purchase a used Lang, please email me at for pictures and details. No shipping or deliveries, you have to pick this bad boy up!  Razz

Buzz Hundley
Spring Hill, TN
Adjusting temp with stack damper
There has been alot of comments about using the damper on the stack to control temp and dial in temps.  I was at the Lang Cooking school on March 18th and had a conversation with Ben Lang about the topic.  I noticed when we arrived our cookers were fired up and at 250 degrees and the damper was set to the 10-11 oclock position.  I asked Ben was this a standard move and he said yes!  he said that when the cooker is up to temp to close the damper to this position and it will ho ...
New 60D
Picked the unit up March 4th and seasoned it on the 5th.  Very enjoyable dealing with and meeting the staff.  First cook was on the 17th when we smoked 3 bushels of oysters.  The smoke flavor was terrific.  Ordered straight probes and had no problem running 2 probes in one port.  This unit worked for me just as Ben Lang said it would.  Thank you guys for all your helpful posts
finally discovery a method that worked
I feel comfortable learning new things from you:) Utilize our effective writing techniques, since they are innovative and advanced:
Cooking on a 36 Patio
For those of you who have the 36" Patio (or other manifestations i guess), is it possible to fit Pork butts on the top shelf and get the door closed?  Brisket?

I know the site says 4 10# butts, but it seems like those could fit on the bottom.  I'm wondering if there is not much room on the top rack?   Is the space better on the 48?

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finally discovery a method that worked
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