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Whole Beef Tenderloinl

Anyone tried cooking this piece of meat on their Lang?

I usually have the butcher trim it for me -- remove the silver skin and "chain" and the "head" (that's what he calls those items) and fat. I have him grind up what's usable for hamburger. After applying the marinade and seasoning, I cook it on the Weber 22.5 kettle with indirect heat -- hot and fast. I was looking at my covered Lang out there in the rain and sleet yesterday and was thinking it might work for this piece of meat -- probably I could cook  any piece of meat on it if I thought about it enough. I checked youtube and saw a Treager where he cooked it at 415F for 30 minutes and then down to 325F until the internal reached 128F.

It's easier to control the temp on a pellet cooker than on stick burner but I probably could do it but I'd like some advise from Lang guys that have actually cooked this piece of meat. Any advise (method, wood smoke, marinade, seasoning) would be appreciated as I don't want to ruin this fine piece of meat.

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