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well I'm glad I didn't make solid plans

I was gonna get up tomorrow morning and head down to lang's, to be there when they opened up monday and pick up a 48 ( wanted a 60 but not in the budget yet) I may have been disappointed as it looks like they make only when ordered. Hate to wait a month or so.

Or if I could find a 60/60D near Mich that could be an idea as well
Eddie Z

Lang cookers are made to order. Scroll thru some of the posts on here. I did see a few people selling theirs. A month would be the earliest they would have one ready for you.
medic smoker

a month would be fast.  As of a week or so ago, they were on a 12 week wait.  I just got mine a week or so ago, order it in may.  just to give ya a heads up.

Ordered today. Told it was 8 weeks. Forum Index -> Ask about Lang Cookers
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