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Wedding Anniversary

Had my Lang 60D for approx 6 weeks and love it.
Last weekend I did briskit,chicken thighs,sausage and a couple fatties and sent a sampler plate to my neighbors.They loved it and asked if I would cook for their 60 wedding anniversary.Of course I said yes.They reqested exactly what I had sent up.Was wondering if anyone could get me close to how much I need of each for around 75-80 people. Was figuring around 30lbs of uncooked briskit,but not sure about the rest.1 chicken thigh and 1 link per person? Thanks for your advice.

I;m sure someone with that kind of experience will chime in, but you could also call and ask Ben. He will shoot you straight.

Just last week I smoked some butts for a band booster meet and greet with the up coming 9th graders and parents. We had pulled pork, coleslaw, salad, potato salad, nac & cheese and sweets.
There was between 80 - 90 folks we feed that night, I cooked 8 butts used 5, they were 7lb avg.  raw. As for a Briskit  I have only cooked 1, it was good but still need some work.
But with more than 1 meat, it sounds like you are about right!

thanks for the info guys Forum Index -> Ask for tips on cooking
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