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Murral stark


Can you put water in the plate area to use like a water bath to provide humidity to help maintain the juiciness of the meat?
Eddie Z

I wouldn't suggest it. It'll boil off to quick. Adding cold water to hot metal may cause the welds to break from thermal shock. I would put a water pan opposite of the stack side if you want to add moisture.

ummm you can if you want....and I wouldn't worry about the welds....for heavens sake we clean the cooker with water from a sprayer to steam clean....

however......even dry wood has plenty of moisture it to humidify the cooker. Coal is a bit different.  
I have never found the need. Meat has never dried out.

No, this is not a water cooker, you don't need it. then you would have to close the grease drain and if you were to keep adding water the grease could run over the reverse flow plate and back to the firebox and that wouldn't be good. Forum Index -> Ask about Lang Cookers
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