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Water in 60D?

Hello everyone.    I have a Lang 60D that I love and have cooked on and competed for almost two years.   One question to see if anyone has experimented with it, as I had a friend asking me last week.   Does anyone close the ball valve, and add water under the grates during the cook?   Thanks!!!!!

I wouldn't , water is used for two reasons, Moisture and a heat sink. Our cookers ate made of 1/4 inch steel. we don't need a heat sink to hold temps. And I think the reverse flow plate improves the taste of the food from the fats searing on the plate. I don't want to boil my food, that is what the kitchen stove is for. Just my opinion, besides I am still learning


Thanks Gary!   have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving! Forum Index -> Ask for tips on cooking
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