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varying temperature zone on 48

I got the 48 patio about 3 weeks ago and have cooked a lot on it already.  I run 2 of the Maverick electronic thermometers (with the food and BBQ probes).  I just set the bbq probe on the grate and run the wire out the door.  Even tightening the door does not seem to damage it.  I am seeing a 25-30 degree variance from the left to the right.  I have read some older posts on this, but has anyone recently figure out how to deal with this?  I was thinking of adding a water tray or even lining the firebox side with heavy foil for an extra heat shield.

Any suggestions?


Eddie Z

I have a patio deluxe and had the same problem. I put a piece of 4" duct to bring the stack down closer to the grates. Heat rises. This will even out your temperature. Also you may be feeding your fire with too big of logs or splits. Placement of your meat also will affect your temps. Hope this helps.

It will always be hotter on the firebox side because well that is where the fire is. I can raise or lower the tongue on mine to help but I really don't worry about it much, I actually use the zones to my advantage when cooking multiple cuts of different types of meats or ABT's
Eddie Z

Another note: the lower the temp the better it controls. If you mop or spritz your meat that also throws off your temps. Proper air fuel ratio is key.

Thanks for the suggestions.  I'll try the duct this weekend to see how it works

I got a 9" piece of aluminum dryer vent duct and inserted it in to the smoke stack.  It runs about 8" down, so it just passes the second deck.  It took a while to get things stabilized, but once I did I had the upper deck reading 223 with Maverick digital probes sitting on each end.  I had Maverick digital probes directly underneath on the lower deck.  The right side (firebox side was 250 and the left side was 210.  The left lower consistently read 40-50 degrees lower than the right.  

At eventually I just moves the 6 slabs of BBs to the upper deck.  Then, I rotated the slabs left to right and it completely threw the upper deck reading offs to where the left was hotter than the right.

The duct idea makes sense, but I still need to figure out how to keep the lower level relatively consistent.

Any ideas?

As Aminal says, it's hotter on the firebox side. You can limit the difference quite a bit if your fire placement is not to far back of the firebox. For low and slow (ie 225-250F) I use a charcoal basket and small 8" splits of wood to keep the fire contained close to the firebox door.

I have only had 3 cooks on my 48" patio so far so I am still learning the art of the stick burner.  What I can say is that there will be a temp difference closer to the fire box for obvious reasons.  One key thing I have found is that when I have a nice bed of coals down vs. a fire, the temps are MUCH more consistent across the board.  The fire just generates so much more direct heat on the firebox side.

The solution is to get your fire started an hr or more before hand and just let it burn down to a good coal bed.  Then throw a log on and get to cooking.  I did this and went from having an almost 30 degree variance to about 5  degrees across the entire cooking chamber.

In a pinch though, just cook on the cooler zone  Very Happy

This is just my 2 cents and what I have seen so far. Forum Index -> Ask about Lang Cookers
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