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Using the chargriller on a 36 Hybrid for the first time.

This weekend I used the chargriller on my 36 hybrid for the first time.  I was never ablke to find much written about it prior to my purchase in July.  All I ever found was that guys were sorry they got the hybrid with the griller instead of the 36 stretch after the used it a couple of times.  I must say I felt that way after using the smoker a couple of times.  But.......I cooked two whole chicken butterflied on the top rack on one chimney of charcoal for two hours with some hickory chunks added.  With using the top rack it kept the chicken from drying out and did not allow the skin to burn.  I am sure that if I would have used the bottom rack, both would have happened.  I discovered that the bottom rack can sit on top of the inserts it usually slides in and that way the front can be tilted upwards a few inches to add charcoal or small chunks of wood.  The grill locked in at 350 for an hour or so with the bottom vent closed almost completely off and the top damper about 1/4 way open.  About an hour out I added some boneless pork backs and at the 1.5 hour mark added some stuffed jalapeno poppers. In closing I can say that I do like the chargriller and it performed great, no issues.  It would be nice to have the extra room for more meat in the smoker section such as a 36 stretch, but the answer to all of that is a 48 hybrid!  Would have to go rob a bank to do that though.  All in all, the 36 hybrid and chargriller on it are great for home use and occasional parties of 25 or more.  The chargriller can do hot dogs, hamburgers, wings etc just fine from the bottom rack I am sure, but temp control is a little tough.  Next time I may use a half chimney to keep the temp a little lower especially if I cook on the bottom rack.  If you have been undecided on how this thing works, its great for quick grilling.  I was actually trying to cook for a longer time on the top rack so its hard to control the temp for that.  If you are grilling hot and fast then this thing will rock!

I have had my 36 Hybrid for a few months now and I have to say that I am glad I got the Hybrid because I cook steaks and hamburgers on it and I have to agree with you it rocks!  I usually put the coals on the left side of the grill and start off cooking the meat on the right side and then when the temp gets up to around 115 in the center of the meat I move it to the left side above the coals for about a 2 to 3 minutes per side sear.  My steaks turn out fantastic using this meathod and the hamburgers have never tasted so good!  I think that if anyone would use the grill on one of these they would agree that it is a very good grill.

Biskitman thanks for the info. I got my 48 Padio in August. If I was to do it over....I would get the 48 Hybrid. Forum Index -> Ask about Lang Cookers
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