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Big Sexy

using foil w/ briskets and butts...

If I were to smoke some briskets & butts using the low & slow (225-250) overnight method; when do you recommend I wrap the meat in foil?

165 internal temp I foil and bring up to 200 internal and rest for a hour in a cooler covered with old towels
Chef Steve

Briskets and Pork in foil

I make a foil boat for both, the reason is simple you don't waste all the juices and when they almost get to temp they are cooking in their own juices, you can drain if you like or frige over nite then seperate the hard fat then use the beef or pork jelly to warm them, they will be very moist and the cooler works great holds heat and keeps cooking. Even the next day once at about 9am I checked the temp. and they were at 170*. See they are not just for beer.

On spot

Great advice, Foil can be a cooks best friend some times, and a good cooler! Forum Index -> Ask for tips on cooking
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