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Smokin Stevie

Turkey ?

What are y'all doing to smoke turkey ? What temp are ya using ? Do you wrap the bird ? What is your recipe for a great juicy BIRD ?


I cook mine at 300 to 325,I cook it half on breast side,turn put in alum pan,cook until done.I dont wrap the bird,I may tent the breast if it starts getting to dark.I have also stuffed the cavity with bacon as it cooked adds some great flavor.

Brining is MOST important.

Heat and combine 1 cup salt, 1 cup sugar (very important combo to break down meat fibers) and 1/2 cup minced garlic.

Then take a small cooler add the turkey, add the mixture above, cover with water, then top up with ICE.

Leave that at least overnight (24 hrs is better) to brine.

Then take out of brine and put in smoker - or oven.

Once you start brining turkeys, you will never go back.

Stick with 12 lb Bird!

Most folks say if you are smoking a turkey at the lower temp. 250-275, you need to use a 12lb bird! That way the bird will not be in the temp. danger zone to create bad bacterias. I one needs more meat do more birds.. a void the Larger birds!!

also, big safety tip here.  If you are cooking your bird and it is not done at the time you need it --- and you decide to put it in the oven in your house to finish it up faster --- and you've had maybe a few too many adult beverages....

Make sure you put that rascal in a pan.  I took it off the rack --- and put it in the house just on the rack.  We had ourselves a FIRE.

Luckily we were all very gone and never got excited or felt the flames licking up and burning us when we opened the door of the oven, but a pan in there would have been smart.  Rolling Eyes

I agree 10-12# boid is always your best bet.

Yup, if you have one larger than 12 pounds use the spatchcock method

Brine is the way to go!  Use a medium to large solid plastic ice chest.  Fill with three bags of ice.  In a large cook pot bring a gallon of fresh water to hot temp.  Add herb ingredients and dissolve sugar and salt.  Pour water into the ice chest and place bird breast side down into brine solution making sure the bird is submerged.  Rotate bird every six hours until 24 hours has passed.  Place bird breast side up on cooker grill.  Smoke/grill for 30-40 minutes per pound.  Brine will keep bird moist.

Here is a good link from the folks at HEB

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