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A tri-tip is a bottom sirloin that is best cooked on a Santa Maria style grill, on which I can raise and lower the cooking grate with a crank, over a bed of oak and mesquite. I’ve also obtained excellent result on my Lang 36. This cut of meat is readily available in the Southwest but not everywhere else.

The tri-tip is a very lean piece of meat and can be “chewy” if you don’t COOK it correctly (250F and a internal of 140F) and if you don’t SLICE it properly (across the grain). Cook and slice it correctly and it’s as tender and juicy as prime rib.

I first remove the fat cap and marinate it overnight with veggie oil, salt/pepper, garlic powder, onion powder and worcestshire. One hour before the cook I apply a rub of veggie oil and “Susy Q’s Seasoning”. I flip the meat every 15 minutes. At the end of the cook, no BBQ sauce is added because it’s not needed. If you added sauce in Santa Maria, Ca they’d run you out of town!!

I added GRILL GRATES to the cooker as they help spread the heat so the meat cooks evenly.

WICKED BAKED BEANS: I test drove the “Dutch’s Wicked Baked Beans” recipe Animal turned me on to and they came out great. I’m going to be serving them with a ham on Xmas day. I substituted BBQ sauce for the ketchup and minced the onions instead of dicing. Instead of 55oz can of beans we used a small can (there were only 2 of us eating) and only used ½ of 1 Jalapeno and no seeds. That was a mistake as the beans needed more “kick”. At Xmas we’ll be using the 55oz can and I think I’ll use 2 Jalapeno and the seeds from one of them. I may also substitute sausage for the bacon.
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looking yummy and i am trying amimal's wicked bake beans this weekend Forum Index -> Show us your pictures
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