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Trailer Vin's

Anybody know if trailer models have vins#. Any issues licensing? Thanks

They do not have Vin numbers, Never seen one with a license plate, I know Wisconsin doesn't require them.

Thanks for info. Another question did you pick yours up or shipped? I'm gonna make the trip n haul mine back.. wondering if I should trailer it or just hitch it and drag it home..

I don't wish to speak for animal, but I know he had his shipped.
I've read others that said it trailered just fine (as it should) behind their vehicle.

I mean....that's the whole reason you get a trailer, right?

was cost prohibitive for me to pick mine up. Was $100 more in gas plus 4 days to haul not including motel costs. ....but I'm 800 miles further than you.

I hear ya! I'm 620 miles oneway. Figured wife & I could have little road trip and save few bucks. And I say few bucks with fuel prices! More of adventure, I guess.

Yes I had mine delivered a couple years ago, $600, I did the math and saved money having it delivered with gas and hotel rooms, I live a little north of Kevin. Make sure you have a 2 inch receiver and go for it.  Cool

Thank you and can't wait. I was quoted 550/600 for delivery.. being a truck driver myself I understand freight ain't cheap. Find out Friday my pickup date, been torturing myself watching YouTube videos.. lol! Forum Index -> Ask about Lang Cookers
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