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Tough Butts

Anybody been getting tough butts lately.  I don't know if is is the high temps we are having in the south along with the drought but I cooked nine butts Saturday night and ended up throwing two away.  Four turned out perfect, three ended up being pulled pork and chopped and two went to the landfill.

The meat close to the bone was at 192 when I pulled them off the grill but it felt like the probe was meeting a lot of resistance in there.  I checked the temps in multiple places and it was consistent at 192.  I have had butts do that before but not so many in such a small batch.

Run them to to 205, make sure your probes aren't by the bone if you are using remote temp gauges, or any gauge with a probe.


I ran two up that high because they were tough and it didn't change anything.  Just a bad batch. Forum Index -> Ask for tips on cooking
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