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to much smoke

just got my 36 patio last Saturday.   seasoned it today and steamed it.
i was playing around with it and had a hard time with a lot of smoke coming out of the stack and the door.     used  seasoned oak to start  the fire .  coals were white hot.   the smoke increased when i started backing the pin wheels closed.

how do you keep the heat up and the smoke down?
temp was a approx 225f and the smoke was white.


I do not have a 36, but I have an 84 and a 60. I use smaller wood and less wood in the 60 than I use in the 84. You may need to use smaller pieces of wood and a smaller bed of coals to work from, you may have to play around with it a little to get it right. I keep smoke stack open full and my pin wheel 2 open and the other 2   1/4 open or less to get that lite blue to clear smoke stack.
Hope this helps!

As red stated, keep your stack open and slowly pull your pinwheel dampers back. I keep one completely closed and use the other to zero in my temps. Here is a video demonstrating the 36 on how to start a fire and clean/cure. Forum Index -> Techniques
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