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This is what I do

I open every door up and pour a bag of Matchlight in there....get the charcoal going good and then I use a mixture of pecan and oak....for the rest of my cook....about 50/50....

Match light. I hope that is the first joke posted in  the forum

Animal, doesn't seem like a joke, but you won't catch any matchlight anywhere near me and my food.

What wood do I smoke with

I use Oak to preheat, then go to Hickory when the meat goes in, then after I foil, I go back to oak.

Oak is plentiful here and hickory is a bit of a challenge.  this conserves my hickory.

I find that if I load the firebox (and a few chunks in the warmer or chargriller for safety), that is about all the wood I need for a 9-10 hr smoke.

Hot little tip there (pun intended).

Big wood?

The 84 will run best on soda can sized and a little larger splits.

The 108 will run on much larger logs.  I have my guy cut them 24" and sometimes i split them, sometimes not.

Here is a typical Hickory log that goes right into the 108 firebox

Then here are the chunks of Oak that I get delivered from the Pallet company.


If anyone is curious, I get about 4 cords of those oak chunks delevered for $250.  a su-weet deal.

I use it in the woodstove and heat our house - then this is usually what I have left over from the winter.
Smokin Stevie

Hey All,

I tried using some red oak on some chicken other night. I didn't like the results. I guess I'm SPOILED using pecan n cherry. I really need to find a new supplier as I'm almost out. I might use the oak to get pit up to temp but cook with the fruit n nut woods.
I LOVE my FLAME TORCH ! HOT fire in minutes instead of hours.

try some white oak - VERY different.

But, yes, I mostly use white oak (bourbon barrel material) for heating up or after foil.  It is fine - not bad, just not as sweet as hickory/pecan, etc. Forum Index -> What type of fuel do you use
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