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Temp differences one end to the other

Notice a big difference in temps from location of the thermostat on the stretch...important to run with multiple thermometers and learn your machine.
Checked the Lang, Maverick and Thermapen with boiling water...all within 2 degrees of eachother. .... so it's not the thermometer.
Was my first time using my machine...and I had the beans on the far end away from hour and a half in and they were still cold. 175 on that end where a foot away was 234 where I had the meat sitting.
All a learning experience.
Eddie Z

You really want to have 2-3 probes in your pit. It'll level out but not if you open the lid often to spritz or mop. The higher you run your temp, the more differential will be. It takes time to get a handle on control of an offset.


Call Lang and have them send you a replacement gauge. I checked my Lang gauges and they were spot on with the water boiling test. I tested my Maverick, Thermo Works superfast mini and 3 Lang thermometers... all were within 3~5 degrees of each other. IMO that is close enough for what and how I cook.

you're right Eddie.
Wood River BBQ Team

Here's my opinion for what it's worth. My Lang thermometer is “off” also – all bi-metal thermometers are “off” because it's 1800’s technology (read all about them on  

Some bi-metal thermometers, especially the one’s on cheapo grills, are virtually useless. Lang thermometer’s are better than average and probable in the same league as Tru-tel. For all I know Tru-tel makes the Lang temperature gauge. Lang sure doesn’t manufacture it.

The next problem a pitmaster has is the temperature gauge is in the wrong location – on many cookers it’s not close to where the meat is cooking. On my Lang 36 patio, the temperature gauge is close to the product I’m cooking. My Lang thermometer, compared to my digital thermometer, is very close up to about 225F to 230F then it starts to read low compared to the digital.

In my situation, I really don’t care what the Lang thermometer reads. I only use it as a reference when I start the fire and am building a bed of coals. All I care about is that the Lang thermometer is rising. If my cook is going to be “low & slow”, which it always is, once the Lang thermometer reads about 230F I know from experience the real temperature is about 250F and I’m ready to start the cook. From that point on I rely on the digital for cooker and internal temperature.

been reading for 5 years.

I'm too having issue with temps. I can't get my Lang gauge past 275° maverick reads 340° on firebox end.. I do have nose up about 1/2 bubble on level..

Lang does use Tel-Tru thermometers, but they are only accurate within a certain range of temps, so I'd highly reccomend using a good digital probe therm such as the Maverick.

I did a test in boiling water....Lang and Thermapen were at 210, Maverick was all fairly accurate at that range...not sure about as it gets hotter.

When I seasoned the lang, I got the lang thermometer over 300, but during my chicken cook it was 275 while my digital was 307 not far away.
Digital is a must.....maybe even need another ....

It's uneven temps for sure...if I had to do over, I would have had additional thermometer installed  for the other 1/3 of the cooker. Forum Index -> Ask about Lang Cookers
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