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I will smoking my first whole pig soon. I am looking for any suggestions regarding techniques and cooking time. Thank you..

How big? Sliced or pulled? I have only done one, I split the ribs and pelvis, dry rubbed cavity, butcher had injected it for the customer [ I think most cooked out ]- rubbed the outside down with evoo,  to 195 degrees in shoulders and hams - I did a 141 pounder - 15 hours, started a little cooler [ 225 ish for 6 hours ] to get good smoke in it, then warmed up to around 300 no knife required - I pulled every piece apart by hand!! If you run cooler for longer, skin will stay a bit lighter. I could not have gotten this big pig out in one piece!! 120 might fit on the shelf set on the lower rack so you can get it out for presentation on a model 84 - Lang recommends 100 pound max on a 60 - I suppose I could have wrastled this out with some help, but it wasnt an issue.... this pic was at about 8 hours in.
I know guys will go 24 hrs at 225, if you have the time and ability to sleep for an hour at a time, it will pay off!

Thank you very much for the information. I don't know how big the pig is yet, and I have a 84 model, so I shouldn't have any problem with the  size. I was trying to get an idea on how long it will take me. Your input and pics were very helpful. Thanks again.

Looks like MRTONY has got you on the right path, Photos look Great. All I'll add, to me the temperature probe is the most valuable tool a BBQ person can own! It takes out the guess work! Good Luck and let see your photos!

Thank you for your reply. I  agree about the meat thermometers. I have a 57 lb pig, fairly small, but I will plan on one probe in the shoulder and one in the ham. Planning on lighting the fire at 0400 with an outside temperature of around 48F. Will let you know how things turn out. Thanks again..

Here is one that I did 75 lb.s

This was my first attempt at a whole hog. 225-250 degrees until hams were 185-190 for about 7 hours
here it is all done.
my first attempt at the Garnishing... I had built a rack with handles on the end so me and a helper could lift it out in one piece. I have cooked 110 lber. in my little Lang 60 as well. Forum Index -> Techniques
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