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Still waiting on my 36 Hybrid Deluxe

I called Lang late last week and spoke to Ben. It seems that they are really busy and production times are stretching to almost eight weeks. I ordered my on May 5th and I'm not on their "page one" which indicates close to being complete. I just hope I get if in time for July 4th.

I feel for you man!!! The wait is the worst part. I ordered my 36 hybrid deluxe on April 1st and finally received it on June 5th and I still don't have the charcoal basket I ordered with it. I got the runaround a few times from Lang, lots of confusion with other peoples orders thinking it was mine and telling me a ship date but not for mine. I needed mine by Memorial Day but that was a bust.

I waited 9 weeks. Ordered April 8 and received June 6. I am glad to see they are at least being realistic to their customers now....
For me I called each week after 4 and got "should be done early next week"....that lasted each week for 5 weeks.
I'd have been fine if they just told me up front it would be 10 weeks .....I could plan .....but I canceled family/friend bbq expecting it to be here.

It was worth the wait.

Wow, 10 weeks is a long wait. You are right, if they would just say that from the beginning we could plan accordingly. The wait is killing me!

Just talked to the Lang factory. Now I'm being told to call back next week. That's when it's in production. So now I'm not sure if they are going to start manufacturing my unit next week or if it will be finished. I ordered my unit May 5th and I was told everyone who ordered around that time are getting the same story. They should just say it will take 12 weeks from the start. Forum Index -> Ask about Lang Cookers
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