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Stick Burners, What's your Thoughts?

I like my wood to be Dry, at least 4 months split and dry! Some I hear like a Greener split wood for cooking. I guess you may get a longer burn time from green wood over aged dry wood, But is there any Truth that green wood has sap that is not good Smoking? What are your thoughts, and your choice of wood wet or dry?

I like my wood very well seasoned.  I burn mostly oak and hickory and i prefer atleast 1 year seasoned, so it burns down to good hot coals efficiently.

I like my wood seasoned to.  But I learned a long time ago, that with wood, there are only two times you can use it to cook......when it is green or when it is seasoned.  Never in between.  If it is between those two, you can get a bitter, sour taste in the meat.

I was watching one of the cookoffs last week and one of the competitors said that he only uses green wood for smoking.  He said that if he uses seasoned wood, it turns the meat black.  I disagree with that.  Green wood gives me too much smoke.  Seasoned wood gives me little to no smoke but over a long cooking period gives me the smoked flavor. Forum Index -> Techniques
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