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spoke with Ben - This may help others when choosing a smoker

I had an excellent conversation with Ben about my tough decision of choosing between the 60, 84 or having a 72 built. I explained my situation of not only cooking for family but extending it to larger family,friends and charity events.  I also have no desire to do competitions but may expand into festival type stuff in the future if all goes well.  I will do most of the cooks solo but will have help if needed. We discussed everything from adding a back door on the 60 to all the options that can be added to a smoker.  I was impressed with his knowledge and the fact that he wants his customers to choose the right smoker and not have any regrets. He made the case for me that the 84 may be too big for my needs. He suggested a 60. Although I may personally want a 72.  A 72 is made upon request .It is my understanding by talking to others in the company that Ben does get several requests for a 72.

This is what I learned from Ben when choosing. Hope this helps !

The 60
- Choose this one if most of your cooking  is for parties  under 100 people.
- It is easier for one person to position/maneuver and obviously fits into smaller places.
- The full pull out top rack is standard even although it’s not shown on the web page.
- No problems heating it up to be used as a grill.
- Additional temp gauge is available upon request – temp gauges can be set up like the 84
- 15 inch tires can be added upon request – nice for hauling long distances.
- The gull wing or back door is not an option because it will ruin the integrity of the smoker. The chamber width is not able to handle it as Ben said it will be “all door”.

The 84
- Choose this one if you are consistently going to cook for parties over 100 people.
- Good choice for catering and doing completion for more than one meat.
- Can double cooking capacity over the 60 due to its mass. Cooking chamber is a foot longer and is wider than the 60.
- Due to mass – takes a little bit more fuel to get up to temp.
- A little bit more difficult to maneuver into position for one person.

The 72
- This is available upon request but is not advertised because it costs the same as the 84.
- It’s basically an 84 cut to the length of about the 60.
- Firebox , width of trailer, and width of the cooking chamber  are the same as 84
- Bottom rack size is about as long as the 60 and as wide as the 84. So it would be around 62x28 in.
- We did not discuss the top rack size. Nor did I ask about the size of the chamber door. Assuming that it would be as long as the 60 and as wide as the 84. According other posts top rack on 60 is 49 inches. So the top rack should be around 49x27 in. May be longer depending on door size.
- According to Ben the trailer would be a few hundred pounds lighter and is shorter in length. Should  make it easier to maneuver than the 84. Also comes with the 15 inch tires.
- Gull wing doors can be done due to width of cooking chamber being equal to the 84.
- Two temp gauges like 84.
- Will use a little less fuel than 84 – Ben said less metal to heat up to temp to start cooking.

***Charcoal baskets are available upon request.
***Temperature probe ports can be added if you ask for them when you place your order. Forum Index -> Ask about Lang Cookers
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