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Carolina 'Q BBQ Team

Split wood sizes

Hello all-

After many months of research and saving my pennies, I finally took the "plunge" and I am now a proud owner of a Lang 60D. Four weeks for build and delivery, I can hardly wait!

My question is this, as I have began to look for deals on wood in my local area, what size splits have worked best? 12 inch, 6 inch or even chunks?

Any and all feedback is appreciated!

good luck on your Lang !!! I have a 36" patio so it is probably a little different but for a low temp 225f smoke I use coke can size pieces. If I'm running 300+ I will use 16-17" long pieces the diameter of a coke can.

The size of your splits will depend on several factors such as how hot are you trying to cook which will also be dependent on the ambient temps, what type of wood you are using, and how well seasoned the wood is. You will just have to try different sizes and find out what works best for you... as experience is the best teacher.
Carolina 'Q BBQ Team

Yeah I figured there is going to be a fair amount of trial and error, just curious of others experiences. Thanks for the info guys. Forum Index -> Ask about Lang Cookers
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