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smoker suggestion - lang 72

I have been going back and forth between 60 and 84 for some time now. A medium large smoker would be ideal. A mutation of the 60 and 84. Here are my suggestions.
the trailer size of the 60 with a 72 size smoker. Should fit nicely in garage.
the front and back door access and dual temp gauges of the 84.
the full sliding upper rack like 84. (I read its on the 60 but not shown on lang webpage).
Maybe a backside table/rack that is attached that can fold down. keeps width down when needed for storage.

Good size to cook for a few or a nice size group. Not so wide as 84 but can cook for a few more than the 60 and maybe do a little bigger hog.

Call Lang, they will build what ever you want, they roll the tanks  and build the trailers.

Thanks for the input. I am going to talk to Ben about  building one. I hope customizing a 72 won't cost more than the 84. Forum Index -> Ask about Lang Cookers
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