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Ribs on a Lang 60

Website says 15 slabs, I have only been able to get 10 with the second rack that Came with it ( about half the width of regular cooking area. Anyone have any pics? Also never cooked ribs without 3-2-1, any tips/tricks to cook more than 10 without having to wrap them?

This isn't really a tip but I go about 225 - 250 degrees using the temp gauge that came on my Lang and about 3.5 hours is when I start to check to see if they are done.  Every hour or so I sprits with apple or cranapple (whatever the grand kids have on tap that day) and I turn them end for end or rotate them front to back.  I don't foil because it seems to make them "fall of the bone" tender and I like just a slight pull to my ribs when you bite into them.  But when the meat comes of it comes off clean from the bone.

Not so much help... gonna look for rib racks or a nice meat holder

I have used rib racks, they work but I don't really care for them. They work but when you spritz or even while cooking the rub succumbs somewhat to gravity.  Better off cooking them naked. if you foil there is another problem using them, all the moisture runs down and basically you are boiling the bottom of them. Consider building a full size top shelf that slides if you have one of them with legs that you can remove.

what size are your ribs?  I've fit 6 racks of st. louis cuts on the bottom rack of my 48

I use rib racks that hold 7 ribs, I can put one on bottom and one on top... and that's on Lang 36. it's a bit tight on top howevrr
NoCo smoke

that's why they say get a bigger one then you think you will need what cooker do you have
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sorry i see 60 Forum Index -> Ask for tips on cooking
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