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Resting meat after cooking before cutting and/or serving

I have seen several people state that they let their meat sit for upto two hours before they serve it. Wouldn't this met the meat cool and therefore dry out before serving it? What is everyones techniques for the after cooking preparation prior to serving beef, pork, or any meat?


I serve within minutes of taking the meat off the rig. We have super gloves for pulling. Pull while it's hot and add whatever you're gonna add - when it's warm, it gets happier.

We serve immediately.

One time I wrapped a turned into pulled beef, never again! It was moist and tender - no doubt - but I was looking to slice.....I can only assume it could do the same to ribs, would probably be fine for pulled pork, but the way the Lang keeps it juicy, I dont see the need!

Letting the meat rest does a couple things, it lets the temp maybe go up another 5 degrees, it will still be cooking, and it lets the juices redistribute throughout the meat, you can wrap, a pork butt  in foil and put in a cooler and put a couple old towels around it and it will hold temp for up to 6 hours. I rest everything but ribs. Just pull a couple degrees before finished temp. I rest about 1/2 hour for butts  and brisket, I just let poultry (whole birds) rest about 15 minutes tented with foil on a serving plate.

Animal is spot on his times to rest.   That is almost exactly what I do.   I try to finish an hour plus early, sometimes multiple hours before serving, so I  can hold the meat in a dry cooler wrapped in towels.   For brisket and pork butts, I open the foil and let cool for 5 min, just to try and not let it cook too much more once in the cooler.    Then pull it out of there, it will still be smoking hot, and let it rest on the cutting board for 20-30 min. Forum Index -> Ask for tips on cooking
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