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Questions regarding small businesses...

My brother in law and I are looking into doing some catering on the side. Of course we would be cooking on nothing but the best, a Lang smoker cooker. We both have a passion for BBQ and have some questions. We live in NY and are wondering if there's anyone else out there that has gone through the process of starting a similar business venture. What kind of permits and insurance are needed? What were your biggest obstacles? Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated.
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I am in the process here in louisiana.   just working on the details.!  I would advise getting up with a food inspector and talking with one.  They will give you how to store food, at what temps food has to be kept etc.  Permits are sorta tricky then getting inspected.  Alot of the laws vary from state to state.

with the smoker, in some states they have to be enclosed in like a screened in porch type or trailer.  also stainless steel grates if your planning in serving or selling to the public.  

hope it helps.  good luck.
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i just read the catering part.   It pretty much is the same as opening a business.  the laws  and regulations are pretty much the same.  the are treated like food trucks.   You have to have an inspected place to prepare the food.  Ie. your home kitchen or another site.  it has to be inspected by a foot inspector.  food trucks have a commissary or cafeteria type place to prepare the food and then can be brought to off site . Forum Index -> Ask about Lang Cookers
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