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pulled pork

need help please have a 36 patio   trying to make pulled pork. used a basic bbq rub. put on Friday nite. woke up sat say 6.30 am pulled pork from refg. started smoker let it run about 1 hr at say 300 f steamed cleaned  after that got temp. say 225 f  held it their put pork on at 8.20 am its know 5.30 pm pork is at 140.f   what am I doing wrong    please help  thanks  vincent

well I assume when you say it is only at 140 you have a probe in the meat! I have a model 60 & 84 I cook at 250- 275, when the meat reaches 165 I will foil wrap the butt, set it back on and keep the heat at 275 and bring the meat up to 195, then take it off and set it in a cooler for at lest 1 hour before I unwrap the butt and pull it apart. I have even cooked several butts when I am in a hurry at 300 as long as you use the temp. probe in the meat it is a big help.  Hope this helps......

pulled pork

hey bud tks for getting back  ok yes I have a probe in its at 157.f at 840 pm.  the smoker reads 250 f   I am not a foil fan    please help  tks  vincent

hey bbq brethren  can a say 6 lb plus shoulder  set at say 225.f take  14 hours at 158 f   still not don.  still need to go to   app 25- 30 f   helllllllllllp
  tks   vincent
Wood River BBQ Team

Mr. piggy: I think your problem might be that the meat temperature has "stalled". What happens is the moisture in any meat evaporates from the surface (like humans sweating) and this moisture cools the meat. It happens at about 140 degrees and especially when you're cooking low and slow and that plateau can last for a couple of hours or more.  At higher temp of around plus 300 degrees the stall still exists but the higher temperature powers through the stall.

Check out and search for "meat stall" and "pulled Pork Stall". A lot depends on the thickness of the meat.

thanks for the info, but by say the temp. finaly climed to 180.f
by that time I was drunk and tired. going to try pulled pork again  in a week or 2   will put meat on 4am   once again  I thank every one
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