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Wood River BBQ Team

Pork Puller

I've been using "bear claw's" and while they work, a PORK PULLER, which is a SS disk with tines and mounted on a long shaft that you insert in a drill would work better. Unfortunately, they cost about $70. I was going to bite the bullet today and order a $70 PORK PULLER when a neighbor told me he read some where that a mate used a rotisseire rod and one of the rotisseire claws as a substitute but couldn't remember where he read it.

I thought that might work but my rotisseire rod was too thick for the drill so I bought a steel shaft that will fit into my 3/8" drill and I filled a flat spot for the rotisseire claw set screw -- actually I filled two flat spots because if one claw doesn't pull the pork I'll add another claw.

Maybe some of you guys have already tried this idea but I think it will work. If you've tried it using the rotisseire claws, do you have any suggestions to better improve it?

I wouldn't use one if it was given to me free, the most I have ever had to pull was 14 at one setting by myself, Isn't that big of deal if the table is the right height so your back doesn't bother you. No ore than a couple minutes each.
Just buy some insulated jersey gloves from Granger or somewhere else, around $7 a pair and last a couple years. I want to know what I am serving to folks, Have you ever pulled a butt????? all that connective tissue and gunk, I keep a garbage can next to me when pulling.  And if you have a boneless one you better find the Gland if the butcher didn't take it out first, and if you didn't fine it before cooking it, Oh well I look through all my meat before serving,  and serve in the right size pieces if possible. If you want to Prep your meat with a blender, I wouldn't eat it. just my opinion
Wood River BBQ Team

It didn't work anyway. I looked good on the drawing board and unfortunately, I had 3 cooker friends with me the first time I tried it, one of whom suggested it wouldn't work. They all had a good laugh at my expense and every time I see them they ask me "how my pork puller is working" and they add a few other comments about pulling pork that I can't mention here. I've gone back to using BEAR CLAWS.

Don G

In my opinion if you are having to use something like that to shred the butt, its to tough and not cooked long enough.  On mine I cook it until its soft enough to just shred with a clever by pressing down on it from the top then just doing a few chops and its done.  Don't have to shred or pull just chop it up with a clever and only a few chops at that.  Meat should just fall apart.  Just my .02 Forum Index -> Techniques
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