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packer timing

So it's cold and snowy now (12" in last 24 hours, around 20 f as a high).  I have a packer in the freezer (17lb) that I really want to smoke once the turkey is gone but knowing that it could be a potential 20-24 hour smoke at 225 .... I'm wondering how effective and potential duration would be if smoke at 275-300?  Is the only way to pull an all nighter?
Eddie Z

I haven't tried cooking a brisket hot and fast but here's how its done by myron mixon.,0&device=mobile

Let me know how it comes out.
Midwest Freak

cut in half and cook as two separate parts and would think it would be done in a 6 hour cook at 275 degrees .

I ended up cooking it via Myron Mixon method at 350f. Injected and Marinaded over night. Put rub on, placed fat down in a large tin and smoked at 350 for 2 1/2 hour. Then covered with foil and cooked till internal of 205 which was about 4 1/2 hours more. Then I FTC'd for 2 hours. At that point I pulled the point off of it and cubed, put them in a tin (with some of the juice and a little rub) in the smoker at 350 again. Returned the brisket to FTC. After an hour I added some light BBQ sauce and foiled for 1 more hour. Total time around 11 hours !. The brisket was the tenderest I've ever had. The BE were awesome as well. Truthfully I thought cooking like this was going to yeild something tough.

btw I used Hickory, cherry and Maple
Eddie Z

Glad to hear it went well!!!!

I ended up buying his book. The link above was a little bit different timing wise then the book. I used the book method (but it was close). It also talked about the burnt ends. Can't wait to cook another .... Forum Index -> Recipes
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