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ordering 60 deluxe chargriller

After years of waiting, I am finally ordering a Lang 60 deluxe chargriller next week. Any suggestions on ordering options would be appreciated. I see the upper slide out rack and probe holes are now standard? I was also looking at 2 thermometers, and depending on the extra cost, maybe stainless steel racks. Any suggestions I would truly appreciate, this would be my 1st stick burner.

Stainless Steel Racks

I would Upgrade to Stainless Steel Racks, & a sliding out bottom rack, the stainless steel is so easy to keep clean & the sliding bottom rack helps get those hard to reach areas in the back, when you have the cooker loaded!!!!!!!!either way you go you will not be disappointed

Thank you for the advice! I never thought about the slide out bottom rack.

I have the direct heat option to the warmer box and love it Forum Index -> Show us your pictures
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