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Lake Dogs

Older Lang 1160 still used OFTEN

Picked this up used a few years back.  It cleaned up nicely.   We now
use it for all but the smallest of home cooking.  We have 3 parties
at the house each year where we cook for 100.  We also use it
when competing in MBN cookoffs.  Frankly we've placed right up there
with the big guns (yes, Myron and others) with just this one Lang
1160.  In October I loaded her (my wife calls it "the other woman")
with 9 18-22lb pork shoulders and 4 10lb pork butts, then when we
took the butts off we put on it (with a good bit of re-shuffling) another
12 racks of baby back ribs.  It was a little tight, but pulled the load
without missing a beat.   I  L O V E  my Lang.


22 pound pork shoulder????, Never seen one over 10.

Thanks for the Great Photos, Now i'm hungry!!!!


That is an awesum looking Brisket!!!!!!!!!!!

That older 60D looks as big around as the 84 does now.  Are the newer 60s the same diameter?

Either way, that is a good looking smoker!
BBQ Bandit

Welcome to the forum!

Great pics... nice to see her in action! Forum Index -> Show us your pictures
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