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Oiling the fire box

I recently purchased my new 60D and have some questions regarding oiling the fire box.   I have read some different opinions on this, but my questions are:

1. Do you oil the fire box when it is hot or cold?
2. Should you oil the fire box just prior to firing it up?
3. Should you wipe the fire box down with a rag after spraying?
4. Do you spray the inside of the fire box?

Opinions on what type of oil to use? PAM, vegetable oil, Crisco etc…..

what              do nothing to fire box but put wood, and or charcoal in for
                     heat   any type of oil goes in cooking chamber to sear it.
                    out side my be some oil to prevent from rusting I would do it
                     cold to a very lite warm

sorry my mistake on the oil     only food grade   Crisco, pam, lard, vegetable etc Forum Index -> Ask about Lang Cookers
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