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Oak firewood

Purchased some pecan and oak (think water oak) firewood from a seller on Craigslist. When I started my fire or added wood to an existing fire I noticed a thick black smoke rolled out the stack and firebox for the first few minutes. Is this normal with this type wood? I am a newbie to a stick-burner and have only cooked with hickory and red oak on my Lang prior to purchasing this wood...never happened with either of those woods. Any advice is truly appreciated.
Eddie Z

Black smoke is incomplete combustion. Did you have enough air going to the fire box? Is the wood seasoned?

Both dampers, stack, chamber door and firebox door were open when I started the fire.  Front damper was open and I would leave the firebox door cracked a few minutes after I added wood during the cook. Black smoke would also roll out the firebox. The wood appears to be seasoned (no moisture sweating from it) as far as I can tell. Forum Index -> What type of fuel do you use
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