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Upper and lower temps ( above the griddle )
Fire Bricks For Fire Box
use of drain valve
108 temperature
Cooking on top of fire box
extended burn time -- special case!
water pans
Digi-Q DX2 temperature control
Too Much Smoke
Tin or no tin?
finally discovery a method that worked
trimming a brisket
Drip Pan?
Lang Thermometer Update
Air Tight Cook Chamber
smoke ring
Pit Temps
First cook with basket
Got my new lang - now I have to learn fire control
Boston Butt
Ribs on a Lang
fire bricks in the fire box ?
Cooking Grate Cleaner
Cater prices
Catering for 650
Charcoal basket For Lang 36
Hamburger and hot dogs
CharGrill Observations and Questions for You
Fire Management
wood/ lump charcoal
pit temperature
Pork Puller
Temperature Gauges
Lang 84-cool spot
to much smoke
wind wind windy wind wind
How To Use a Lang
Cold Smoking Buckboard Bacon in a Lang 48 DX
Fire Box and Heat.
Control temps
Cold Temps
Chicken Techniques ?
Stick Burners, What's your Thoughts?
Fire in Fire Box!
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