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Ask for tips on cooking
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Lack of smoke flavor
First big party, help!
Butt help
Cooking butts
Thanksgiving turkey on 36 hybrid deluxe
butts on a 48
Ribs on a Lang 60
Turkey Smokin
major negative to a lang
Fall Q School
Need help cooking chicken halves!
whole lamb
Boston Butts
Brisket flat info
WHOLE HOG HELP for Lang 84
Briskets Fatside Up or Down????????????
Hot Smoked Salmon?
pulled pork helpppppppppppppppp
Brisket Blues
Thermapen is on sale
First cook help!
chicken leg quarters
cater prices
Spare ribs over cooking on Lang48
BBQ Backyard Division Competition
Tips on Beer can chicken
Any Orlando Florida BBQers looking to meet/que together?
Does duck taste good cooked in a Lang Bbq Smoker?
Prime Rib
Baked Beans In The Deluxe Box
smoldering fire
Lang BBQ Cooking App
smoking pork chops
Multiple butts on Hybrid
pulled pork
Beef Ribs
i want to know how long to smoke 1/2 chickens !
Jerk Chicken
Regulating Cooking Temps
is persimmon wood good for smoking?
Can you belive this
Coal bed to maintain 225 degrees
How to store a cooked butt for 6hrs before a party?
I need help with smoking Ribs !!!
Wedding Anniversary
how to maintain a clear smokestack.....????
Whole Beef Sirloin tip
Is My Lang 48 Properly Seasoned?
Seasoning wood
Tips on cooking beef tenderlion roast
need advice on cooking temps and controlling them
Can I use the Lang 60D for grilling over charcoal?
season the lang 48
Hambugers and Hotdogs
Need advice on temp control for my patio 48
Tough Butts
Meat Injector
I need a pulled pork sauce.
Leg Quarter & Hot N Fast brisket...questions
Corn on the Cob
using foil w/ briskets and butts...
How many racks of St. Louis style ribs for 50 people
Need a recipe for stuffed Pork
Langs BBQ Kitchen School
Clean Smoke?
Dogs and Burgers
Water in 60D?
Resting meat after cooking before cutting and/or serving
Piglit Cook Time ?
Top Shelf ?
Smoking a Brisket
Turkey ?
Lang Cookoff !
How U Clean Ur Pit ?
Time for Butts ?
Peaches on a Lang
smoked Baked Potatoes Potato skins with pulled pork
Whole Hog on Lang Smoker
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