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Fire Box Paint
60" Deluxe Longneck w/ Chargrill For Sale
Looking for a Lang 48 Hybrid Patio Deluxe
48" Patio Deluxe For Sale in Spring Hill, TN
Adjusting temp with stack damper
New 60D
Cooking on a 36 Patio
Picking Up a LANG 84 Deluxe at Cooking class!
Mobility of the Lang 48 Patio w/ standard step
Maverick Digis
First cook
south carolina owners
possible modification.. replace firebox with insulated stove
Let the wait begin
The Right Size Lang for Me - suggestions please
New Lang Paint??
Suckling pig
split size ?
Grease disposal
Facebook group for Lang
Foggy Thermometer
paint for firebox
Size of Chargriller on the 36 Hybrid
Grilling on a 48
Low temps (150-180 degrees) possible on a 48"
Heat Guage Calibration
36 Strech cost
Paint on ceramic insulation for fire box
Probe port
Too much smoke
Seasoning chargrill need help
Just got the call
The horrible wait
Deluxe Warmer Box- Pros/Cons
Lang 108 that needs to be put indoors...suggestions?
Picked up my 60d on a trailer last week
Extension on exhaust pipe
Lang cover for a 60deluxe
langs on trailers
36"Patio Question W/O Warmer
Maintaining consistent internal temp across smoker
36 or 48 Patio - Low Temp Smoking?
Using the chargriller on a 36 Hybrid for the first time.
36 stretch
cooking wood
My way of seasoning my new Lang 60" deluxe with charbro
My new mistress: " Lady Lang" arrived!
Help lang 36 patio
Lang Smoker User in Delaware/Nearby? I'd like to see one.
36 patio
Getting the LANG figured out
Ordered A Lang 36 Deluxe on Friday 9/4/2015
cleaning the stack
How do I keep a clean fire I'm getting black smoke
VIN Number
Drain Gap Question
60 on wagon wheel frame has ARRIVED
Lang putting temp probe holes on smokers now?
Q-School Smoker Cooking Class question
Just ordered 48delux w/38 chargrill on trailer
BBQ sauces and rubs
Any Lang Smokers in Texas
How to install firebox handle
Wagon frame wheel size?
36 Patio mobility
Just ordered 36 hybrid on wagon wheel cart
pomengranite wood?
upper rack on 60
48" question
Piggyback shipping?
Chrome Stack
Picking up my patio 48d next week
First party
Forum down for maintainence ?
60 Patio
36 stretch vs 36 hybrid
Ordered my Lang today
Question about flare ups
Waitin' on a Lang!
willow oak
How to clean a used smoker
Any Suggestions on Preventing Rust Under Baffle on Lang 60??
60 Deluxe Long Neck with Chargrill
Any Langs in Louisiana or MS
BBQ apps for phone
Lang Smokers in Indiana???
built in smoker
Chargriller/prices and choices to make.....
New order 48
Why are the 36 stretch so popular
turn around time?
48" Model
36 stretch patio
Why should I choose a Lang?
Model 60 Firebox vents
Known issues video from Lang.
Winter - Cleaning the lang
Re: .post_title Overflow Issue
Buffalo roast on a Lang
60 original cover?
smoking fish
Merry Christmas
How big a hog can you smoke on a 36 deliuxe?
36 new or 48 used ?
drilling holes for temp probes
Using water to steam during cook.
What are you Smokin this weekend?
Accessories on Lang
She arrived yesterday
damper question
I need a patio 36 deluxe measurement please!
36 stretch pictures
Fire Box Latch Improvement
making the trip to nahunta from louisiana
driving to langs in a couple of weeks
licnese plate
Any advantage to 2 doors on a 36" stretch
Need to rent a lang 84 or larger in the central flordia area
36 Stretch Deluxe w/firebox upgrade
spoke with Ben - This may help others when choosing a smoker
well I'm glad I didn't make solid plans
Just recieved my new 48 Patio - ABSOLUTELY PERFECT
Smoke Ring??
Questions regarding small businesses...
paint on the fire box.?
84 owners...need some help with decision
Lang 36 patio
few questions not sure if poor quality or design?
Cold Smoke
Fire management on a 48 hybrid deluxe
Dirty Heat
Lang 36 Deluxe warming box pics/grate size??
Just ordered a Lang 36" Patio Deluxe!! - Mod opinions?
10 weeks and counting
Security and weathering
question about the 60 with both racks loaded!!
smoker suggestion - lang 72
grease drain
advice on a choosing a smoker!!!!
stainless steel grates
Vegas wood
Poor experience
Oiling the fire box
Still waiting on my 36 Hybrid Deluxe
Charcoal on a 48
Temp differences one end to the other
Lang 60 ?
Shelf spacing
ashes between the bottom plate and bottom of smoker
Smoking a brisket on a Lang
Trailer Vin's
Having second thoughts
varying temperature zone on 48
I just ordered my Lang!
Second guessing: The trap
Falling into the trap
Still waiting...
waiting time
Model 60 Cover
Getting the chamber really hot
36 vs 48
do i have enough wood?
36 stretch pictures?
lang 36 patio
Anyone on the west coast ordering or a smoker anytime soon?
Ordered a 36" Hybird Deluxe Patio yesterday!
shipping to kentucky
48" Patio or Original??
bbq guru
Lang 84 Fatboy
48 deluxe patio measurements
Stainless steel racks
Lang 48 Deluxe
Ordering my 36 Hybrid Deluxe next week!
AZ BBQ Competition
Vance Miller
drain valve
Lang 48
Split wood sizes
Baked potatos
Lang 36"patio hybrid
Just ordered my Lang 48 Deluxe Patio
a few questions on Lang 48D Patio
Lang 60 Modification???
60 Deluxe
How many racks
Great song
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