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pulling the trigger (Pt 2)
pulling the trigger
Couple Of questions
a 36 is the one for me?
Lang BBQ Smokers
60 Deluxe Gauge
Flow plate questions
happy birthday to me
Black Chicken
Apple & Hickory
Draft Wheel Problems
What are you doing May 5-6, 2012?
looking for a Lang 60 deluxe
Happy with my Lang
Paint for my Lang
Super Dirty Smoker
Cooking Butts on Friday Night
Lang 36
Seasoning & Start Up
age of a lang
question about 48
smoking a turkey
mobile Lang 36
Lang 60 D Questions
Lang 60
New to cooking with wood
Ribs & Foil
char grill for 60d
Lang 48
Question About 60D
Lang gear
lang thermometers
Lang 108
Cooking wood
Controlling the heat and smoke in a Warmer?
cover for lang 36
Hello from Buffalo, NY
Need help making up my mind
Steel Charcoal Crates / Baskets
Round Barrels and Oval Barrels
Custom Paint???
Can I Tow my 84D while cooking?
Looking for a Lang 60
Smoked for 6 hours with the chimney closed
My Lang 60 deluxe versus another stick burner and 48 butts
Model 36 - Size of door opening, Cooking chamber?
LANG 110
Lang 48 smoke stack
Water Bath for Lang 48
Lang 60 registration
Does the Lang 36 need to be sheltered?
Model 48 Questions
Questions on Char Grill
How do I get a stronger smoke flavor?
Want to buy a Lang 36 in Utah area
Moving the Lang 84D around?
Wood Vs Propane
How many can you cook for with each model
60 Deluxe Vs. 84 Deluxe
What a Change!
LP Conversion
considering starting a small cooking/vending business
considering starting a small cooking/vending business
cooking as a side business
Hacked on facebok
insulated firebox
Santa Maria style
whole pig
Charcoal on RF plate?
Lang needs your vote
Anyone near Chicago have a Lang 60 or 84 to check out?
Lang 36
Lang 84 question
Lang 36
Anyone in N. Ga buy their hickory
fire starter
Lang 84 Chargrill. How big is the chargrill
Lang 84 Delux questions
Smoking sausage in the vertical warming box?
A few questions about Lang smokers
Temperature results of an open lid
Lang 60 Deluxe or 84 Deluxe?
Proper way to season the smoker?
Charcoal Box for Lang 84
Drain Valve ?
Hot Tires?
Cooking with a guru
35 Babybacks on Lang 84
Anyone use a fan/controller?
Temp Control Help
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