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Lang 36 stretch
Temp diff side to side
Looking for 60 or 84 Deluxe
Lang 60 hitch size
Perry Florida
Lang 36 options
48 or 60 in the Richmond VA area
looking for 36 patio
Picking up a 36 patio
Cover for my lang
warmer box ?
BGE love converting to Lang. 36 or 48?
Temp probe wires
Patio 36 just ordered
Any suggestions for maintaining temp on 36 deluxe
wind wind and more wind
36" patio questions
1 day old patio 36"
Smoking in colder outside temps.
36 Smoker or 36 Hybrid????
pizza in a lang 36
48" Hybrid Deluxe - Questions
Options, Options, Options...
36 hybrid deluxe patio
Chicken Wings
wood or charcoal...OR both
jack castor wheel
anyone want to share in shipping costs to Sacramento/Chico
Model choices
Lang and 9200 feet elevation
Grilling on a Lang?
Lang Smoker and High Altitude
Maverick probe wires
just ordered 36"patio
Lang 108 Kitchen
local competion schedules
Does Anyone Own Or Have Cooked ON THe 108'' Model????
how hard to push
Stainless Steel Grates
how does the char grill vent ?
Whole Hog on a 60
problems moving 36 patio deluxe hybrid around?
48" Hybrid Run-About BBQ Trailer Smoker Cooker
Weight of a 36" Hybrid Patio
BBQ Pitmasters 2013, LANG SMOKERS center stage
Deluxe Box Mind Change
Need Help with Temp Control
What options for the 36 Deluxe? Which are recommended?
Blower Units
Highest temperature inside the Lang smoker cooker?
Smoking Rainbow Trout inside Warmer Boxes on Deluxe models?
Any Lang Cookers in Australia?
Smoker cover for 36" Patio
Looking at a smoker
Dimensions and Weight? 36 Hybrid Deluxe on Wagon Wheel cart
ISO: South Carolina Lang
new to Lang smokers
Hybrid or Smoker?
thunder storm temp drops
I know I know... Another which Lang to buy post
Deluxe Box Temperature
Looking for a 60 deluxe.
Pitmaster IQue 110 Blower
New to Stick Burners - Questions
60 Patio Deluxe?
36" Deluxe Patio Pics ?
boneless chicken breasts
Size Questions
looking to upgrade
Lang cookers in the area of Annapolis, Marylnad
Greater Atlanta area... where to get good wood?
Shipping -- Basics 101
Caring for the Exterior of a Lang
Lang 36 Cover
Paint Protection for Lang 36
lang 36
Lang 84 or 60?
Looking for Lang 60
Deluxe Warming Box on 36 vs 48
Jcksonville fl
Upper Rack
1st cook
New Lang
Is Hybrid worth the extra $$$ (36 vs 48 question)?
Review of my new Lang smoker
Starting fire
Hickory wood
New to Lang and using wood
anyone take the grate out of firebox.
New Smoker... It's a Lang!!
Anyone want to split shipping with me? Nashville TN area
Newbie question on the 36 inch hybrid
Adding Racks
How to season Chargrill
36 Deluxe
Thermometers on smoker.
Cleaning under reverse flow plate
Warming box for cold smoking?
instant pro
Trouble Deciding
Seasoning question
New 36 Patio ~ update
Lang 48" Patio Deluxe Smoker/Cooker with Warmer
therms on a 84
load of butts
New 36 Patio
Fruit Wood
Seasoning a new Lang
36" still black stainless? Also, Shipping to Ca
Max pig size on a 84
Transporting a Lang
FYI.....36 patio
Mop Sauce
Adding Meat
Lang many racks of ribs?
Varying temperature in cooking chamber?
Lang 36 vs they need to be full to smoke efficiently?
pork crackeling
I need Help deciding
Upper Rack Deminsions
Anyone with built-in 36 hybrid?
Used lang 84
Charcoal basket in a 60 Deluxe
Does anyone own a 48" Hybrid / Delux?
Shipping to California this winter
Hybrid Models
Need Advice On Paint
Class reserved - Check ....Pit ordered - Check
Trailer Wheels
Paint cracks on a 48D
Rust in a Lang?
Flaking in cooker.
Accessories or Options?
36 hybrid
Lang 48D
first cook on lang 60d
Shipping to California
Thinking about selling my 36 Patio
Getting ashes in my cook chamber
Buying new Cooker.
Fire Box ? Which Side ?
Cost of Lang Smoker
How well does Chargrill work?
Upstate NY Cookers
48 Slide out top rack
BBQ Teams in Chicago area
New 36 arrived!!
Grease on the smoker
How much will a 84 deluxe hold?
2nd. or 3rd. generation Lang?
Yea! On it's way!
Two Latches
Am I The Only One?
Can't Wait !!!
Those that do Catering
Sliding top rack ?
Lang 36 Patio specfications
fungus on hickory wood
Lang Smokers in Western Canada
Problems with my cooker
Lang 36 Temp Gauge Question
Trouble with temps
Last in line
Crack inside of Pit above Firebox Lang 60
36 lang
How many splits per cook?
Stainless grates?
36 Patio
How Much Wood?
Adding a Slideout Top Rack
Newbie and a 60
84 with a roof?
Dual Serial Numbes?
Tips on the 84
Last post for awhile
Happy Days
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