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Show us your pictures
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New house for the Twins
How to post pictures?
DIY version of wagon wheel cart on 36 patio
ordering 60 deluxe chargriller
Lang group on facebook
Picked up my New Lang 36 stretch 8-22-16 now have tandem 36s
36 deluxe hybrid PAtio just arrived.
Bone in Rib Roast on LANG 36 Hybrid deluxe
Thanksgiving Turkey Smoke
Options for a 36 hybrid on wagon wheel cart
my lang 60 deluxe with charbroiler arrives tomorrow!
36 stretch deluxe run-about - a few modifications
Cooked on new 36 hybrid twice! Results are in!
Photos of my 36 hybrid deluxe on wagon wheel cart
trying to find someone's pics hog in racing position
question to the forum about racks
ordered my lang 60 deluxe with 40" chargriller! no pic.
New 36 Hybrid Deluxe photo from Ben Lang! Ready for Delivery
Photos of my 36 Hybrid
36 hybrid
My 36 hybrid
Another 36 Hybrid in Texas!
Got my 36 Hybrid
BBQ whole Chicken Creole
48d patio
Just ordered 36 hybrid deluxe on wagon wheel cart!
Lang cooker on Travel Channel tomorrow, 4/22
My 36" Stretch Deluxe Runabout
my 48deluxe patio
Birthday Party Dinner
Smoker Delivered in a Snow Storm Today
Beef Short Ribs
new 48 dlx modile
Surf and Turf: Prime Rib Au Jus and Bacon Wrapped Shrimp
Lang 48 patio
soot on inside of cooker
My new Lang 36 Deluxe!
Hello from Orlando, FL & Seasoning first cook question
posting pictures
lang 60 deluxe
Pictures of my new Lang 36 Hybrid Deluxe
Chargrill Option
Finally got my 36 Hybrid Deluxe. It's awesome!
Removable side shelf mod.
Great wood for smoking
First cook on my new Lang 36 hybrid deluxe
36 Stretch Runabout
Georgia on my mind :)
Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner Enterprise 6.0
Mass Effect
Let the wait begin!
Work Table
NVIDIA GeForceION Driver 198.01 WHQL
almost ready
almost ready
Eas Video Converter For Windows Exe
seasoning my lang
New 36 hybrid deluxe
New to The Forum...
36 patio will be here tomorow
My new 48 deluxe w/chargrill
Cook Quantity on hybrid 36 deluxe
Here is a few pics of my 36" patio arriving!
Picked up my 36 stretch DP today
happy Holidays everyone ...
Just Picked up my Lang 60!!
Merry Christmas all
Smoker pick up
Former cooker
smoke this weekend
36 hybride delux
My new Lang
Cold weather solution
Fire box vent
charcoal 'casket'
first brisket in my lang
Charcoal Basket For Lang 36
Addition To Lang 36 Original
Here's a pic of the Lang 36 deluxe
three for one!
Thanking Lang!
Cooking on a Lang - for 150!
Lang wins BBQ Pitmasters!
My 60 at work!
Mods To Lang 36
Lang 84 deluxe
Lang 84 Deluxe kitchen - loaded!
max pig size on a 84
Butts on my Lang 36
104 lb pig on my 60D
Going to try a Brisket Today!
How to post your pictures.
smoker shipping
75 lbs pig cook
Wide body 84 Roof project
New 60D
Mothersday ribs as requested by mom
new to this forum
Cooking on a Lang... with Paul Kirk.
Yesterdays Oinker!
Ben and I when I took the road trip to pick up my 60
Whole hog on my 60
Firebox modification - Lang 84
Looking to upgrade & Need your feedback
Lang 60 Mods
Brought home another Lang...
First Cook
Labor day Spares on my lang 60 deluxe
My Lang 60 Mobile Deluxe
Our wonderful Lang 84
Got my Lang 36 today!!!
sunday brisket
Lang 60 restoration project
Hey Ben and The Gang,
Backyard Braggarts
Lang 84 Deluxe Stamford, Ct
Bringing a Lang 84 Back to Life.
inserting pictures How To
My Lang model 36
Lang 48 Patio mods
Merry Christmas Everyone
Older Lang 1160 still used OFTEN
Feeding Frenzy
just a few of my pics
200 or so for lunch
141 pound hanging weight in my 84
Model 84 delux in Wisconsin
Trial run chicken lega and thighs
Here is my Model 60 at Club meeting!
Way up North
Lang 108 Deluxe tandem
Beer meets Grill
My Lang 84 Made in America
Hobe Sound BBQ Competition
A Lang 84 named Rosie...
Thanks Ben!
HELP Smokin Spare Ribs !!!!
First Chicken Smoked !
A new TV show is calling all BBQ experts!
Can't get Temp Even Front to Back
Our new Lang Smoker Cooker
A Smokin Cobination!
Glad the new forum is up and running!
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