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New to The Forum...

New to the forum, but not to Lang cookers.  Been smoking on my Model 60 since 2003, and you can see below what happens after 10 years of smoking.  It definitely cleaned him out.  Now I need to finish removing the paint and repaint.  I found and joined this forum because I'm thinking about getting a 36" hybrid patio unit, because my $200, 8 year-old CharGriller is starting to fall apart.

Anybody got the Wilbur pig cutout on their older Langs?  I was lucky, the day I went to pick up my 60, they were cutting them out and offered to put one on mine.

On another subject, has anybody ever used the Ro-Man Pork Puller?  I got my hands on one recently, and we cooked and shredded 1500 lbs of pork butt this past weekend, and it worked flawlessly.

Ro-Man Pork Puller Video

Welcome to the forum, I am also due for a new paint job this spring

was that a controlled burn or did the grease catch fire ?

It was not intentional, definitley a grease fire. Forum Index -> Show us your pictures
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