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New 60D

Picked the unit up March 4th and seasoned it on the 5th.  Very enjoyable dealing with and meeting the staff.  First cook was on the 17th when we smoked 3 bushels of oysters.  The smoke flavor was terrific.  Ordered straight probes and had no problem running 2 probes in one port.  This unit worked for me just as Ben Lang said it would.  Thank you guys for all your helpful posts

I took delivery of my 60D last September and love it!
My wood useage isn't much more than it was in my 36 Patio that I sold just before I ordered the 60D.
Only problem is paying for all the extra meat I can load in it. Laughing

This was a great investment for me and I love it.  My family will drive 6 hrs for BBQ.  I use stick oak when cooking and at times use fruit wood depending on the meat.  I' had no problems with large heat differences.  I always use the flue damper and control the temps in the warmer box opening the pin wheels as needed.  During the cure process the temp was 330. Guess you can cook in there!  I Keep the drain closed until I need to drain.  It sucks cold air under the grate which travels half way across the cooker and creates high temp difference left to right.  Enough!  I hope you've not had the problems others have had.

I do appreciate your welcome........Thank You Forum Index -> Ask about Lang Cookers
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