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My way of seasoning my new Lang 60" deluxe with charbro

First, I did it exactly as the Lang videos said, except, AJ the delivery man gave me a few more tips and I added my own steps. Results? AMAZING AND GREAT!
After delivery and checking this thing over with a fine tooth comb, and exceeding my perfectionist requirements, I reviewed the Lang videos one more time. Then I began the work as follows, I removed everything inside, shelves, etc and firebox charcoal basket and my customized sliding wood grate (which I recommend!).. Once removed I scrubbed the entire rig down with a soft bristle long handled brush with warm water and dawn soap, including the grates on all sides. Rinsed everything well. Once they all were dried, by using large construction fans, I inspected once again the entire rig. The cleaning process alone that I did took 2 hours. Why? Because in any construction or manufacturing process there is residue from that process. This rig was clean when arriving but I cleaned it again! I placed fans blowing into the chambers and grates and made sure it was dry before applying my cooking oil!
Then I began applying cooking oil using a squeeze spray bottle and I used a lot of oil! I did it purposefully. I let the oil drip and slide into all areas and made sure that everything including the grates were coated heavily. I began my fire and slowly began the heating up process after making sure all excess oil had been dripped out of the unit. (into a metal bucket). Once I obtained the 350 degree mark I kept it that way for 75 minutes and misted the rig with water and steamed it clean as per lang videos. It now looks like a beautiful cast iron skillet I have that is over 30 years old and slick! Once again... use the videos as your starting point! Awsome rig!
Wood River BBQ Team

Re: My way of seasoning my new Lang 60" deluxe with cha

firebox charcoal basket and my customized sliding wood grate (which I recommend!)..

Can you post a picture of your sliding wood grate?

I wish Lang would publish a list of their available modifications so we don't have to find out about them in dribs and drabs.

there is a picture

there is a picture on this forum and that is where I got the idea. it was posted under someone's mod write up here.
All of my personal mod ideas come from me cooking bbq for over 50 years and heating various homes with wood burning stoves.  I don't cook to compete, I cook to eat; so my mods are for ease and convenience.
And after using this lang for awhile now , I have learned one thing about fire control: IT is the same as a wood burning stove or wood burning heater. Do not overload the firebox and adjust your dampers slowly.

here is my mod of firebox

it is under firebox modification lang 84. just found it again. I also use the firebrick in the bottom of the firebox and the bottom of my tower. I saw a reduction of airflow with the firebrick in the bottom and lower temps in the tower. so I adjust them as well for temp control. I don't cook in the tower per say. However, I do my veggies and beans and potato's there. also use as a warmer. btw.. firebrick here only cost $1.75 each.

in fact i noticed you answered to that post...

just saying. Forum Index -> Ask about Lang Cookers
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