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My new mistress: " Lady Lang" arrived!

First let me apologize for not posting earlier but my computer died the day my Lang was delivered.
My wife named my new 60 deluxe with charbroiler, so I will stick with that name.
I had a few private emails asking how it is going.. so here is a rundown.
My experience is as follows: I ordered it over the phone and had it shipped in. My experience with the Lang family was and is great! The rig showed up BEFORE the estimated date of delivery and for that I say thank you! Ben kept me posted as to the status at each step. Great job! One thing I noticed when I spoke with Ben on the phone, The lang factory phones never stop ringing! I imagine that that can drive up prices and slow down manufacturing of units! So my recommendation to future purchasers: please don't call him everyday as to status! Just saying. Next: the delivery by AJ was awesome and man is AJ a great person as well. Thanks AJ! Now for the unit: awesome attention to detail in fit and finish! Arrived with no scratches, and looked great in my driveway with all of the other rigs on the trailer! No parts were missing, all customization was as ordered and BETTER! Thanks again Lang Mfg!
I seasoned it and fired it up as recommended and cleaned it completely first! Then I did my first cook! AND I STILL think that this rig is better than advertised, makes amazing food, and does not let me down! I am a perfectionist and my rig exceeds my persnicketyness! Now for the million dollar question: would I do it all over again? YES IN A HEARTBEAT! BTW: AJ will vouch for my collection of cookers in my rear yard! Now what to do with the others??? I will donate them to some wounded warrior friends of my wounded warrior son! I will post a more thorough detailed explanation of my seasoning and cleaning process later. It is my way and might help someone!

BTW: how did i move this rig to my rear yard?

I used my riding ZTR lawnmower with a ball hitch. BECAUSE, man is this rig heavy! Forum Index -> Ask about Lang Cookers
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