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My Lang 84 Made in America

Ben Family, and Crew,

First of all, thank you. My Model 84 is all I could have hope for and more. First, the 10 hour trip home was made without a hitch.  The rig pulled absolutely perfect. It is straight as an arrow with no wiggle under brakes.  As someone who is in the manufacturing business, I realize how hard it is to build something straight and plumb, time after time, but man, you nailed it on this one.

Second, it cooks like a dream. I was not expecting it to be so easy to maintain a perfect temp.  After following your break-in instruction, I fired her up for some folks in the neighborhood and was SHOCKED at how easy it was to maintain a perfect cooking temp.

Thank you Ben, your family, and your crew.  I know to a lot of people, the money for these smokers may be a drop in the bucket.  To us, it was a lot.  A lot of VERY WELL SPENT MONEY.  We appreciate your craftsmanship and the fact that these smokers are not shipped in from China, then painted, and then sold to people with a Made in America,sticker on it.  I know, first hand, how hard it is to be a manufacturer in these times. You and your crew are a model for the people who say it can't be done in America.  You do it right, and your product is the absolute best.

Thank you,

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