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Wood River BBQ Team

Mods To Lang 36

See My Mod To Lang 36 here:

The picture shows 3 mods I made to my Lang 36. MOD #1 is a Tel Tru 2” temperature gauge I added to the chimney. It’s more “show” – like chrome mag wheels on a car – but it does provide the temperature of the heat exiting the chimney. MOD #2 is a small hole (see white dowel below right handle) I drilled for the temperature probe wires for my Maverick ET 732. The ET 732 is an expensive digital thermometer and the close fit of the lid could crush the probe wires rendering the expensive unit useless.

MOD #3 is a chimney extension. I learned this trick while modifying a cheapo smoker. It’s physics – smoke and heat want to go UP & OUT and not SIDEWAYS so without the chimney extension both the heat and smoke just whisk by the meat and escape rapidly. Lowering the chimney intake causes the heat & smoke to move ACROSS the grates/meat and this effect evens out the side to side temperature in the cook chamber. For example, when the lid temperature gauge read 300 degrees, the chimney temperature was 290. The bottom left grate temperature read 275 and the right read 300. The top grate left and right temperature read 350 each. Bi metal temperature gauges are highly inaccurate but good enough for my government work heat temperature balance test!!  

I used a Home Depot 4” X 24” duct connector ($6.9Cool, which fits nicely into the chimney. I secured it with 3 small dabs of Permatex Ultra Copper High temp RTV silicone.

Give mod #3 a try – if it doesn't’t work for you you’re only out $7. The cooking results I’m obtaining with the Lang, compared to the cheapo smoker, are AMAZING!![/img]

hey guys   in regaurds to mod #3   I promise  I  sware  I personly was going to try this 2 years ago  to see if it worked and if it did work I was going to tell ben lang about it   yea it looks great  makes sense     vincent
Eddie Z

Did mod#3 cause any issues with the natural draft or cause any sooting of the cooker?
Wood River BBQ Team

Eddie: This is the second unit on which I've installed the chimney. I think it improves the natural draft (the longer the chimney the better the draft -- that's why the Lang chimney is as high as it is in the first place) and has a couple of other benefits. Heat and smoke want to rise and escape as rapidily as they can and as a result both just "whisk" by the meat. The chimney extension forces the heat/smoke to proceed across the meat and the result is a more even distribution of both heat/smoke across the bottom and top cooking grates.

Without the chimney extension, you'll find there is a temperature varience between the lower and upper grates -- the uppers are much hotter. The reason for that is as soon as the heat/smoke comes out from the reverse flow plates it wants to go to the top of the cooking chamber and out through the chimney. The chimney extension prevents that from happening.

I'm just a contry boy and don't have a scientific explanation. The chimney extension is a cheap item. Try your smoker with and without the chimney extension and see what works for you. If the extension doesn't work just junk it. There is no increase in soot from the use of this mod.

Has anyone tried mod 3 yet?  If yes, how did it work for you?
Wood River BBQ Team

Google the following "BBQ Smoker Chimney Modification". You'll find more info than you know what to do with. Then decide for yourself, as I did, if the mod makes sense.

If it does make sense, invest a few $$ in two cheap oven temperature guages for the top and bottom grates and check the temp on each grate during your next cook or save some time/money and check the article I wrote outlining my test results. Then, invest a few more $ for the chimney extension for your next cook and after installing, check the temperature differential on the top and bottom grates and see if the temperature is almost the same. The max this test will cost you is $10. If the chimney extension works for you you've lost nothing because the gauges will come in handy and the chimney extension will be working for you.

The Lang smoker is a great unit, but it's not perfect.

Cool, I'll give it a try.  I just got my 36 Hybrid on Friday and I'm not interested in any permanent MODs to it (drilling holes, etc.)  This looks like something I can try that won't be permanent.  Thanks!!!

wouldn't have been easier to drill the left side for the maverick so that you can sit it on the shelve out of the way?
Wood River BBQ Team

I guess it wouldn’t matter which side you drilled but here’s why I picked the right side for my Maverick probe wire access hole. The hottest part of the smoke chamber is the lower left side. The Maverick ET-732 are heat resistant up to 716 degrees. The Maverick ET-85 is only heat resistant up to 536 degrees. Some folks say to wrap the ET-85 wires with alum foil to protect them but I think that just helps cook them!! I have both Mavericks and sometimes use both. Even though I never cook near 500 degrees, I thought why take a chance. Additionally, the unit doesn’t get in my way but it definitely would be out of the way if I had drilled on the left side of the cook chamber.

DBA1954 wrote:
wouldn't have been easier to drill the left side for the maverick so that you can sit it on the shelve out of the way?

I did the same spot as Wood River BBQ Team on the right.
I was reluctant to drill a hole at first but wanted the best way to use the Maverick without breaking (the probes) every time I used it.   With the hole drilled it has caused a peace of mind and the Maverick T-733 has worked great.

wood river bbq team.  hey don, are you around, or are you putting up your
Christmas tree. (I hope)  I have a question  on your mods  about your chimney extension.  it makes sense. about  how the heat and the smoke can mingle around the food. can you tell me the inside length  of the smoke stack you installed.  
                                   happy holidays to you and your family

                                                                        tks  vincent
Wood River BBQ Team

Mr.piggy: I thought the length/width of the duct connector was 4"X 24" -- the 4" diameter is correct and it slips nicely into Lang chimney. I don't know where I got 24" -- it might have been a mod I made on my previous cooker, which had 2 chimneys.

The lenght of the duct connector from the bottom of the Lang chimney inside the cooker is 6.5". Probably 1" or 2" is shoved inside the Lang chimney. The distance from the bottom of the duct connector to the bottom grate is 5". I could have gone lower but 5" to 6" worked great at leveling the temps across the entire cooking surface on my previous cooker so I decided to go with that length, which has provided the same results on my Lang.

All this mod is doing is preventing the smoke/heat from going to the top of the cook chamber and out the chimney, which is where it wants to go, and making it go across the bottom grate and under the top grate. It's a common and cheap mod that I see on 95% of the offset smokers at competition. I've seen all types of chimney extension contraptions but the Home Depot duct connector worked best for me -- I bought it, brought it home and shoved it in.

Merry Xmas to you guys and great cooking results for next year!!

Don G

This is the 4"x24" duct connector from Home Depot. I just picked one up and I'm about to add it to my Lang 48 patio.

I'm seasoning the smoker right now and will add the chimney extension before my next use. It looks to be just the right size and won't require you to extend it at all, just apply some rtv and let it dry.
Wood River BBQ Team

Glocksrock: I think that's the one I used as I only paid $7. What threw me off was the 24" BUT I think that may be what it will extend to. Obviously, I didn't need to extend it -- I just slapped it in place. I think maybe the 48 cook chamber might be bigger than the 36 but I don't know. If it is, just extend the duct a bit.

hi don, thanks for getting back. been very  busy. Wife,  work, wife, Christmas, wife etc. in that order, (lol) I stopped at home depot and picked up a  4 x24  extension. it sounds wright the( method)
I usually cook with my son on weekends. but this weekend he has eagles tix. so I wont put in till after the holidays. thanks once again  Vincent

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