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Model 84 delux in Wisconsin

I picked this unit up used this summer and could not be happier! Am q-ing my first hog this week, have done ribs[ pork and beef] , brisket, chickens- whole and pieces, sausage, beans, beef roasts, pulled pork and more!
The wife has hardly used the oven since we got it! I am starting a personal chef for hire business in the Milwaukee area with it.
Added a double burner on the other side for deep frying, pan frying onions etc, and boiling water for noodles etc.

Anyone know what year this unit might be based on grill / rims etc? The guy I got it from said about 4 years old - is that right?
I cannot imagine wanting to get rid of this rig!! If things go well, I will be heading to Georgia for another!

I would say you are about right.  Ben could tell you when he transitioned over to rolling his own steel - you have a tank style - no difference at all.

Your Rig is AWESOME!  I love the fryer off the side.

Good luck on the catering - we love it - and make money doing it.

I tell people, it is our 'boat'.  But with this 'boat', we make money, instead of......

Hey, you know what boat stands for?  Bring Out Another Thousand.   Laughing

Great hobby - that will keep people happy and your wallet full.  And who knows, it might turn into more.  

Go get 'em you Catering Tiger!

More pics pls.

Mr Tony's BBQ

I know we have exchanged a few email on this post and you sent me some pics of your lp burners.  I went back to private messages and they are gone.  Can you send me those pics of your burner again.   I just am building a firebox for mind and working on a better jack system.  My email is


Can I enquire where you got the grill attachment? It Looks freaking sweet!

tearl42 wrote:
Can I enquire where you got the grill attachment? It Looks freaking sweet!

I got it from my mind!! I have a good friend who is an engineer [ no, not choo choo] and has a small fab shop in his backyard - we made this in about 5 hours with "leftover" steel parts and pcs. except for the burners themselves. I paid him in pulled pork and brisket!! I have since piped the burners to run off of one tank - boy does this thing come in handy!! From boiling water for my shells n cheese, making my sauces on site, deep frying wings and turkeys, pan frying name it - a great investment of time and bribe food! I think I asked him once what he would charge to do another, I THINK it was $800.00 but you would need to pick up here in Wisconsin or pay shipping and have it welded on - show the pic to a local welding / fab shop and see what they can do - I can send a few more pics if you'd like. - and yes, it is SWEEEEEEET! Thanks!
papa hog

The burners are a great idea. Nice installation.

papa hog wrote:
The burners are a great idea. Nice installation.

Thanks Papa hog - It slides in for transport, I can even pull it out and slide it in on other side if needed, or leave it at the house if I dont need it. I hope Ben gets a look at it some day - maybe cut me a price break on my next unit for the idea Question  Question  Exclamation  Confused  Very Happy

First hog this year - 94 pounder on my home built hog rack

this is 3 hours in, browning beautifully!
Also added a sink with hot and cold running water a while back

I LOVE my Lang - will be cutting her off the trailer and mounting to my new patio trailer in the next couple weeks

Got my Lang mounted on my mobile kitchen - I LOVE my Lang!


Man Mr. Tony you have got it going on, that looks great! What a rig. Forum Index -> Show us your pictures
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