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One Way Skip

Let the wait begin!

It's official. Just ordered my 48 patio with swivel upgrade, pneumatic wheels and removable stack.  This will fit in the toy hauler, cargo or flatbed trailers depending on needs at the time...and of course the patio.

tic tic tic tic, not very good at waiting. Just like a little kid at Christmas.


knee deep bbq

Ordered mine may 23 and still waiting. I can't wait no more ! Bought a 48 hybrid deluxe on a run about trailer. Ben said two more weeks........they're killing me! Lol

48 patio

what was the cost,did you get the warmer box
One Way Skip

Re: 48 patio

meiling1 wrote:
what was the cost,did you get the warmer box

$2100 and did not order the deluxe...Should have but at the top of budget with shipping

I got my 36 Hybrid Deluxe a few weeks ago after a 10+ week wait. Patience, it's worth the wait!
knee deep bbq

Problem I got is I have a competition August 8 and IF it's done I have no time to practice . I'm on week 10 now roughly which is double of what I was told.

The journey begins...

I just placed my order for my 36 hybrid deluxe yesturday. I'll be picking it up during my vacation to SC on September 25th. Sara was very pleasant when I placed my order. I am from Buffalo NY so I hope things go as planned and the cooker is ready on time. I've been shopping for a while, and finally decided on a Lang. I can't wait...
One Way Skip

WaaHooo! Got the phone call yesterday. My new Lang will be here Monday morning. Ordered June date of August 5th. Just like they said.

Awesome, congrats! Update us to let us know if it makes it there on time. I just ordered my 36 yesterday! Excited!!

Ordered my 36 deluxe hybrid in May and still don't have it. It is becoming a bit ridiculous. My guess is I'll get it a week or two after Labor Day.
knee deep bbq

We are in Savannah until Wednesday and then Nahunta to pick it up! Can't wait it's like Christmas lol
One Way Skip

For me, the wait is over. Looks great after first inspection. Welds appear good. Doors seem to fit fairly tight. Everything I expected so far. Might have to be sick today so I can season it. Smile Now....what to smoke? Forum Index -> Show us your pictures
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