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Lang Smoker User in Delaware/Nearby? I'd like to see one.

I see forum members ttfbq, ncacciutti, woodjam, kneedeep bbq, Tom Burns and 11B3Y showing nearby locations.  Messaging is disabled on this forum.  Most users do not display an email.  I've never seen a Lang.  I'd appreciate the opportunity to see one and to hear about your experience.  (I have contacted Lang with this request, but they have not provided feedback yet.)    Thank you.

48 in New Jersey

I purchased a 48 patio delux and love it. I live in south Jersey right outside of   Philly.  If your interested and want to visit, let me know.
Jim Mac

Thanks, Golopus

I would appreciate the opportunity to see the Lang smoker and to hear your comments / advice regarding it.  It appears that email and private messaging are disabled on this site.  Please email me at and let me know how / when best to contact you.  Thanks, again. Forum Index -> Ask about Lang Cookers
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