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Lang putting temp probe holes on smokers now?

In the "show us Your pics" section, TexasBBQTester just received his 36 hybrid and it arrived with temp probe holes drilled, tapped, and capped as a standard feature evidently because he did not ask for them.  Has anyone else heard of this or received a cooker with these standard?  I am supposed to receive my hybrid this week and sure hope this comes standard!

Just talked to Lang!

Good news Lang fans!  The temp probe holes are standard now on all cookers leaving Lang!  Wow Ben listened to those that have inquired about these!

Temperature probe

Yes, I also have a port for a temperature probe.

I received my 36 hybrid on August 1st.  I  am new here and tried to post a couple of pictures.

The pictures can be viewed by clicking on the link.  Is there something I am doing wrong when posting pics?

Anyway, I just had a big smoke out and Love the Lang!

I had requested them, but I didn't get them on mine. I drilled my own.

My 60 that just arrived last week had one on each side. [/u] Forum Index -> Ask about Lang Cookers
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