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Smokin Stevie

Lang Cookoff !

How many Lang owners would like to have a COOK OFF ? I think it would be COOL if Ben Lang would HOST an Event. It would be a way for us all to get together and have a FRIENDLY COOK OFF. If any Lang owners think this would be a GOOD TIME lets try and put something together. Of coarse Ben would need to agree to HOST this event. It's just an idea but would be up to him if it happens. Hopefully someone at Lang reads this and thinks it's a GOOD IDEA also @ !

I LOVE the idea.  It is fab.  If Ben wanted, it could be a real advertising extravaganza.
Smokin Stevie

Cook Off

Well I hope Ben is listening ! LET's GIT R DONE

Sounds great!

Gitty Up!! I just picked up my 48" deluxe a few days ago. I seasoned it and I am trying my first picknik roast on Saturday. I would love to come done and Q-it up!
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