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Lang BBQ Cooking App

What cooking info would you like to see in a useful barbecue app ?
We are launching Our New Lang BBQ App this next week and want to include some additional info . Let us know . Thanks ! Surprised

A link to this  Lang BBQ Forum would be very useful . Cool

Internal Temperature Reference Chart for Meats
Brian Andrews

Just checked this thing out. It is a neat reference as is. But, how about more? It could be part reference and part "tool."

By that, I mean add some interactive features. Like:

1) Suggested cooking guidlines.
- Enter the weight of your pork butt
- Suggest a cook temp, but make it so you can change it.
- Suggest a temp to pull at, but make it so you can change it.
- Calculate cook time as an approximation for planning.

That can be done for lots of stuff.

2) I like to keep logs. Time, cooker temp, meat temp, etc. I usually use a notebook, but it would be neat to punch it into an app.

Just a couple thoughts. Forum Index -> Ask for tips on cooking
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